Malawi Spider Plant (Cleome Gynandra) Seeds


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Minimum temperature:
5 degrees Celsius

In Central Africa, this plant is known as a bitter-tasting vegetable and is also used for various medicinal purposes. In Congo, the leaf is eaten against diabetes, prepared by frying it without oil and salt. In many African countries, the leaf is also boiled or added to stews. Many components of the leaf have disinfecting properties and are said to stimulate the immune system. Furthermore, it is used to cure diarrhea, rheumatism, and snake bites. Overall, this is a plant with many uses that grows well as an annual. It is a fast grower so that the maximum height of 60 centimeters is quickly reached. At this height, the plant flowers with edible white flowers with extraordinary purple stamens. This can become an invasive species in tropical areas, so this plant can only be grown in temperate climates with a cold period to prevent invasive spreading.

Sowing description:
Sprinkle the seeds over growing soil and cover very lightly with more soil. Keep the soil continuously moistened and place the container in a light place to germinate at a temperature of ± 25 degrees Celsius during daytime and 15-20 degrees at night. The plants can go outside in May/June.  (onszaden)

Sowing time:
February – June

Level of difficulty:

Minimum of 5 seeds per pack
All seeds are tested and grown on our farm in Malawi and our growing area in South Africa. Please check conditions in your area for the type of seed to be grown. Growth rates and germination times are dependent on many factors such as soil conditions, rainfall/watering patterns, climate, and many more.
Growth and harvest can be affected by these conditions. Please note that certain countries require specific permission to grow certain plants or ban their growth completely. Please check your local regulations before purchasing products.
We will not be held responsible for products purchased that are not allowed in your country/province
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