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Mahogany widely used stalks, seeds were proved very useful for health. This is because the rich mahogany seed saponins and flavonoids that support the health of the body. Blood circulation is not smooth due to clogged can be treated by taking mahogany seeds. High levels of bad cholesterol can be lowered by mahogany. Benefits mahogany seeds the other is as a pain reliever, reduces fat deposits in the blood vessels, reducing bleeding, fight free radicals, boost immunity, prevent blood clots, improve liver function, neutralize blood sugar levels, etc. Previous article, about the Black Pepper Benefits for Health and Beauty.

Mahogany Seeds for Health Benefits and side effects

Mahogany is anti-fungal and anti-pyretic (lowers the heat). The bitter fruit is also believed to reduce hypertension, restore appetite, treat fever, and improve immunity. Benefit the most from mahogany seeds are as malaria and diabetes medication. While the side effects of the use of mahogany seeds in excessive doses can lead to the formation of gallstones.

How to Eat Seeds Mahogany

1. You can eat mahogany seeds after peeling the outer skin. Of course if you hold it with bitterness.

2. Pour the powder results from mahogany seeds that have been finely ground into hot water.

3. Various mahogany seed extract is now made​​. There are packaged in the form of powders, capsules, essential oils, instant powder, etc. Choose according to your tastes.

To make the powder, dry beans and then milled until smooth mahogany.

Mahogany seeds is effective for treating the following diseases (hannairthy-weebly)

– Lack of appetite
– Hypertension
– Fever
– Eczema / Hives
– Diabetes
– Rheumatism
– Sign Wind
– Fever

Minimum of 5 seeds per pack
All seeds are tested and grown on our farm in Malawi and our growing area in South Africa. Please check conditions in your area for the type of seed to be grown. Growth rates and germination times are dependent on many factors such as soil conditions, rainfall/watering patterns, climate, and many more.
Growth and harvest can be affected by these conditions. Please note that certain countries require specific permission to grow certain plants or ban their growth completely. Please check your local regulations before purchasing products.
We will not be held responsible for products purchased that are not allowed in your country/province
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