Cornflower (Bachelor’s Buttons) Centaurea cyanus


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Bachelor button flowers, often called cornflowers, are an old fashioned specimen you may recall from grandmother’s garden. In fact, bachelor buttons have adorned European and American gardens for centuries.

Bachelor button flowers grow well in a full sun location and care of bachelor button plants is minimal. Bachelor Button Flowers Bachelor buttons (Centaurea cyanus) offer many uses in the landscape, as this European native naturalizes easily in most parts of the United States.

Plant bachelor button flowers in borders, rock gardens and sunny areas where they can spread and naturalize. Frilly, showy flowers grow on multi-branching stems, which may reach 2 to 3 feet (60-90 cm.). Bachelor button flowers are reseeding annuals and blooms may be single or double. Once planted, you will be growing bachelor buttons year after year as the reseed freely.

How to Grow Bachelor

Buttons Growing bachelor buttons can be as simple as broadcasting or planting seeds outdoors in spring. Seeds may be started earlier inside and moved to the garden when frost danger has passed. Care of bachelor buttons plants requires watering to get them started and little else for continued bachelor buttons care. Once established, the flower is drought resistant and will self-seed for a continuing display in coming years. Bachelor buttons care can include deadheading the plants to prevent prolific self-seeding. This can control next year’s spread of the cornflower. Weeding out sprigs growing in unwanted areas may also be included in bachelor buttons care and maintenance.

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